Karnaval Budaya Poso

District Of Poso is one of the oldest district located in province of Sulawesi. The capital city is Poso . The area is spread from south to east to south west and extended from west to east and most of the area is located in mainland of Sulawesi island. Referring to the position, district of Poso is located in the center of Sulawesi island whitch is a strategic path connecting North Sulawesi, Gorontalo and South Sulawesi.

Supported food infrastructure and transportation facilities, such as airport and domestic seaport . Poso becomes a vital city in Province of Central  Sulawesi. The economy of this district is growing fast in the midst of competition of the reginal autonomy era.

In tourism sector, district of Poso has several kinds of beautiful and  varied natural tourism. Such as megalith tourism, marine tourism, lake and waterfall tourism, caving tourism, wildlife and concervation park tourism, and cultural and pilgrimage supported by  all the kinds  of culinary courses and interesting handycrafts as souvenirs


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